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Being Bold and Beautiful: What it Means to be Empowered from Within

For the past century, people have continued to advocate for gender equality and for the rights of women. Given this, it’s likely that you’ve heard of the term “women empowerment”. The term itself can mean helping women assert control over different aspects of their lives and the institutions that affect them (Das Gupta, 2018; Singh & Gupta, 2013). In order to do so, we not only need to revamp these institutions, but we also need to embolden women from within.


The Meaning of Empowerment

Everyone has the ability – or the power - to make an impact on the world and to influence others around them. However, not everyone is able to make use of this power because life circumstances or their environment prevent them from doing so. To empower someone means to release and enhance the power they have (Das Gupta, 2018; Singh & Gupta, 2013). This can be done by promoting their rights, providing avenues for growth like education and employment, and allowing them to participate in decision making.


Women empowerment has been a focal point for several years now since gender inequality persists. In some parts of the world, women lack access to education, employment, and health care. They are still discriminated within the economic and political space. They are also prevalent victims of violence and harassment (Singh & Gupta, 2013). All these issues make it all the more important to continue advocating for women empowerment.


Being Psychologically Empowered

The society at large can provide all the opportunities and avenues for women to exercise their power, but it’s equally important to cultivate the confidence and drive to do so. In other words, women need to be psychological empowered as well.After all, what is the point in enhancing one’s powers if they don’t have the will or ability to use them?


To have psychological empowerment means you have plenty of self-worth. You believe you can achieve your goals and do well in what you do. You practice self-awareness, which means you understand deeply who you are as a person, what you stand for, and what you are capable of. You are confident in yourself and your ability to pave your own path which makes you think positively about you and your future (Das Gupta, 2018; Khan, 2022).


There are four parts of being psychologically empowered. (Das Gupta, 2018; P.X. & Joseph, 2013). First, you have meaning or purpose in life. You find purpose in what you do, or you feel that what you do is important or valued. You also feel connected to your work because it aligns with your role or your beliefs.Second, you feel competent. You believe that you have what it takes to do your activities or work excellently or with great results. Third, you have self-determination, which means youare free to make your own choices of your own free will. You can initiate and regulate your own actions and do your work however you want. And lastly, you feel that you have impact.Your voice matters in changing the system. You have the ability to influence the environment you work in and beyond.


The Importance of Empowerment

Feeling powerless is never a good thing. If you feel that you can’t do anything, that no matter what you do, you’re powerless to help yourself, then you would feel unmotivated to do anything. You may have a low view of yourself and just accept what comes along. Being empowered can brighten your view of yourself and the world. Empowerment can improve your self-esteem, self-efficacy, and self-confidence which can make you feel happier and healthier (Khan, 2022). When you feel that you have power, you feel that you can make a change.


Empowerment, particularly women empowerment, is also important in the greater scheme of things. Everyone has the power to make a positive change in society, but now equal opportunities to do so. If men and women could equally contribute, just imagine how much further society could grow. Women can incite heightened development in education, politics, organizations, and more. Just as important, women deserve to be free to live their lives to the fullest, exercise their rights, and flourish into their best selves. Overall, it’s important to continue promoting women empowerment not only for the betterment of the individual but for society as well.


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